Pax: McStuffins, Cornwallis, Square, Dr. Porkchop (Q)

Weather: much more comfortable than it has been

Warm up: SSH, Arm Circles, Kick w twist, Weedpickers

Mosey (over some treacherous terrain) to the blocks and zamp carry back to the parking lot

Do 50 of one exercise and then run a big lap (aka Cornwallis 400, iykyk)

1. Merkins

2. Lunges (Double count)

3. Lawn mowers (Double count)

4. OHP

5. Block back squat

Motivator from 10

Mary: 100 BBB Sit ups

Moleskin: YHC was not feeling creative with this one, but it ended up being a good one anyways. Simple can be really good. Cornwallis said it was reminiscent of IPC, which was kind of true, but YHC didn’t spend all of the workout trying to catch him (Q made everyone run together) so it was missing something.

Great start to the morning as always. Thanks men!

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