Weather: Clear, 44 degrees with a slight breeze

20 PAX showed up for a full body workout: Maize, Pickles, Brickyard, Optimus, Kitty, Bumblebee, Biscuit, Good (WELCOME!), State, Logger, Heart Throb, Commodore, Snaphook, Bubble Bath, Snooki, Rooney, Nomad, Clancy, FaceOff, Cheese Ball

Welcome w/core principles; free, open to all men, always outside, peer led and ends in a circle of trust

Dislaimer: luckily no one eas injured today because the Q forgot the disclaimer 🙁

Warmup: SSH (IC), Weed Pickers (IC), Imperial Walkers (IC)

The Thang:

Had three stations set up in lower parking lot. Split the pax into 3 groups with each group starting at a different station to help with Covid rules. Each station had 5 exercises to complete before Mosying to the next station, Rinse and repeat

  • Station 1:
    • 50 American Hammers (1 is 1)
    • 40 Calf Raises from steps
    • 30 Pickle Pounders
    • 20 Pull ups from the hand rail on steps
    • 10 SpiderMan push ups
  • Station 2:
    • 50 Mountain Climbers (1 is 1)
    • 40 LBC’s
    • 30 Let’s call them Jane Fonda’s , but Q called them donkey kicks which was incorrect
    • 20 Shoulder Taps (2 is 1)
    • 10 Burpees
  • Station 3
    • 50 SSH
    • 40 Squats
    • 30 Pickle pointers
    • 20 Mericans
    • 10 Reverse Lunge Kick

Mary: 25 Flutter Kicks

Recover, Recover

Moleskin: Pax slowly made their way to the circle with Kitty even coming to the Hill this morning! Pickles and Faceoff were just a little late, but glad to see them! first group at Station 3 did everything as a group which was fun to hear the cadence being called out, but as the workout progressed, some people (kitty and bumblebee got through each station 3 times!) we all realized we are all on different paces. Q unfortunatly labeled an expercise incorrectly as a Donkey kick and he saw people jumping with both feet in the air and had to try to explain his mistake. He was more interested in an 80’s jazzercise video here the women kick their feet back one at a time. Glad pickles was there to get pointed at and pounded (that does not sound right). Affirmed that not many people enjoy burpees.

COT Named FNG, Good! New AO starting on December 1st at the reflection pond across from the Palladium, Prayers for Heart throbs grandfather who has Covid symptoms and is getting tested, think about who can lead The Hill in accelerating the 3rd F. Q read Psalm 100 as it was speaking to him to be thankful as we are getting closer to Thanksgiving, end with prayer and picture by the flag.

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