6 pax posted at Grizzly. Cosmo, Pappy, DC, Coyote, Square, Kitty (q). 55 degrees, breezy. Disclaimer and core principles.

Warm-up: finkle swings OYO, shoulder pretzels ICx20, windmills ICx10, al gore + OH claps ICx15, SSH ICx20.

Thang: 11-20-20. 11 laps around the 400m park path. Stop at half way point on each lap for 20 merkins and stop at end point for 20 big boi’s (after 5 laps modified to 20 shoulder taps 2=1 at half point and 20 American hammers 2=1 at end point). Final lap included no stops for exercises but included Indian Run and finish with sprint. Recover Recover!

Moleskin: when describing the Thang, YHC confidently announced that today was 10-20-20 so we’d be doing 10 laps. Pax didn’t immediately correct the Q so took about a lap to realize it’s the 11th month of the year. Q made some modifications on the fly to ensure we could get all 11 laps done. The last 4 laps were modified to ~200 meters. In total pax ran 2.25 miles, and performed 100 merkins, 100 big boi’s, 100 shoulder taps 2=1, and 100 American hammers 2=1. Pax stayed as a group whole time which allowed for some good 2nd F and mumble chatter. COT – lots going on in F3 Indy…new AO in Carmel launching 12/1, 2nd F shovel building event on 12/2, and Maize leading effort to accelerate 3rd F (the “why” of F3 mission). Prayers for DC’s step mom, praises for Cosmo’s mother in law returning home, prayers for Jackie Moon’s M & son as they welcome him to the world. Praises for this outstanding group that we all stumbled upon, and for calling us to be H.I.M. Always an honor to lead! Aye!

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