8 Pax posted to unseasonably warm low-50s gloom- Maestro, Wapner, Jay-Z, Shamu, Stache, Bubblicious, Boucher, Slit-QIC.

Warm-Up: CAP lap. Arm Circles x15IC, forward and back. Tempo Squats x15IC. Arm/Leg stretches OYO. Larry Birds + knees to chest. Motivator from 5. Mosey to basketball court.

Thang: Basketball Conditioning

5in5(+5) – PAX completed suicide each minute for 5 minutes, 5 Burpees after each.

5 Defensive Slide Zig Zags- Pax start at baseline, zigzag elbow, half court, elbow, end line. Back pedal back to opposite end. Repeato 5X

Bacon Shaker Burpees – AKA the Pit. PAX chop feet in defensive stance, drop for a burpee on Q’s command. barf.

Mosey to Stairs. SSH x20IC. Abbreviated stair suicide (full stair flights only). Repeato 2x.

Back to the courts for another set of 5in5s (optional 5 merkins after each suicide). PAX went 1 for 4 on free throws so Q cut off one set to make it a 4in4.

Mary on the Court- ABCs, Gas Pumps x20IC, Alternating high/low planks til time.

Moleskin: lots of discussion on the validity of the poll used to elect our basketball themed beat down. No controversy around the Kotter poll. Good mumble chatter as we relived not so glorious days of sports conditioning- names of sandbaggers and our “favorite” coaches to be withheld here, along with any of their accolades. Good work by the PAX hopefully readying ourselves for the March Madness bubble slated for Indianapolis come spring time.

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