19 pax posted at The Hill for Monday Ruckday

Teddy Bear, Cornwallace, Nomad, Khaki, Bumblebee, Faceoff, Biscuit, Clancy, Wilson, Pew Pew Man, Spud, Lincoln Log, Marshall, Rooney, Bubblebath, Pontoon 19, Cheeseball, Motorboat, Runner Up (Q). 39 degrees, quite chilly.

Warm-up: Side strattle hops x 20

Arm circles x 20

Ruck consisted of 4 stops around a loop of campus. At the first stop we held Al Gore for 30 seconds with our packs. Second stop was in front of the beach where we did 15 merkins. Third stop was at the gravel lot where most pax were introduced to Air Drama (a low squat with a calf raise at the top). Next we stopped at the north east staircase where pax did 15 rounds of stairs, Tulip style. Recover recover.

The ruck totaled at 2.18 miles and Motorboat was counted but nowhere to be found. The Hill welcomed its newest former-FNG “Wilson”. Prayers went out to Clancy for his new Wolf pack starting up next Tuesday and to Pontoon 19’s friends that have seen the Holy Spirit working lately. Khaki learned how to count to 10 and I was honored to have the second best Q. – Runner up

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