Core Principles

Warm Up


Rocky Balboas x15 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Week Pickers x10 IC

Arm Circles x10 IC (both directions)

Arm Pretzels x10 IC

Mosey around the parking lot

The Thang

Curls in Al Gore

8-count Pull,  Push and Press exercise (show to know)

3 Rounds of exercises, 10 reps/exercise followed by a Mosey across the parking lot between each exercise rep


Skull Crushers

Military Press

Goblet Squat

Block Merkins

Trips across the parking lot 1 x each exercise

Zemperini Carry 

Farmer’s Carry

Murder Bunny

Back to the circle

Military Press in Al Gore

8-count block Man Makers


Block hold Flutter Kicks x25 IC

Block lift In the Morning x15 IC

Block hold Gas Pumps x15 IC

Short Gumby



High 30s and clear

PAX:  Pappy, Coyote, Wrigley, DC, Kitty, Chirp Chirp, Cosmo (Q)

7 PAX posted for a Fun with Blocks Block Party.  The morning started with a short admiration of the PAX’s blocks (followed by an awkward silence and normal F3 morning humor) and quickly jumped into an accelerated warm up.  The Pull, Push, Press only went 5 reps as Q modified due to failing arms on the push section, Pax gladly obliged.  

The rounds exercise was awesome as the group moved together allowing for some good mumble chatter and motivation, interjected (as usual) with the Q’s normal comedic relief (Q appreciates the patience of the captive audience).

The day rounded out with 8-count man makers (always a crowd favorite) and a block party core session in which inspired Kitty to say something about a hernia.  Q took that as a good sign.  Everyone was glad when that was over…especially Wrigley as he wasn’t even sure who he was during the name ‘o Rama (ref video). Q was both amused and pleased.

Excellent work today men!  

Keep pushing, keep getting better and keep passing it along.

Always a privilege,


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