8 Pax @ the BigEZ. Weather: 37, Ideal Gloom.

Disclaimer and 5 Core Principles

Warmo- Seal Jacks, WeedPickers, Moroccan Night Clubs.

Thang: The Val

Run 1 Mile. (North to The Hearth Retirement home and back)

20 hand release merkins

30 mountain Climbers IC 

25 knee repeaters each side

20 plank Jacks IC 

1 burpee

30 dips

30 walking lunges

10 hand release release Merkins

10 jump tucks

2 minute plank variety pack 

50 SSH oyo

25 LBC’s IC 

Run a mile.  (South to Haven Ct Cul and back)

1 Minute AMRAP Merkins 

Prisoner Squats IC

Chilly Jacks IC 

Curb calf work, heels in/out.  IC 


X’s and O’s

Low Dolly

Pretzel Crunches

Moleskin: YHC borrowed this from somewhere in the Gloom, on the coast. It’s a tribute to a friend of some of the Pax (Val) who is currently recovering from a spinal injury. Qdrenaline took over and YHC failed to share the story. It was a great reminder beatdown to be thankful for our ability to gather and for our health. YHC heard a bit of chatter about the mile runs, fun fact BigEz has a run heavy on Tuesday. Maize was in a great mood due to the unfortunate result of the OSU-IU football game. T-Claps to Ace for making sure he and Sarge didn’t keep running to 465. all the pax busted it, Maize and Sarge may have forgotten their age in the Namo. On the way home YHC called Khaki out of concern and he said, “well, at least you showed them where a local retirement home is.” Enjoy Thanksgiving this week Men, I’m thankful for your friendship! SYITG soon.  Snaphook

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