Plenty of rain made for some damp car rides home. Five pax reported. Kitty, Coyote, Maize, Nomad, and Jackie Moon (Q).

Disclaimer and Five Core Principles given


Mosey around 1/4 mile loop

SSH IC x 25

Arm Circles IC x 10 forward,backward

Windmills IC x 15

Low Plank body saw IC x 10

Low Side Plank 30 secs each side

Toe-touch squat-to-stand – (grab toes, squat, raise arms straight up, stand up) – x 10

Side Good Mornings (on all fours, one hand behind head, touch elbow to opposite wrist and rotate outward) x 10 each side

Fire Hydrants IC x 10 each side

The Thang

Incline Merkins IC x 10

Step Ups x 10 each leg

Decline Merkins IC x 10

Single leg squats x 10 each leg


Mid-workout Mary

High plank position – knee to elbow IC x 10

Nolan Ryans – IC x 10

The Thang – Part 2

Dips IC x 15

Rear Leg Elevated Split Squats x 15 each leg


Mosey around 1/4 mile loop

Double merkin burpees x 10


American Hammers IC x 9

Big Boy’s IC x 9

V-ups IC x 9

Flutter Kicks IC x 9


Recover recover


Moleskin: Minimal mumble chatter today; either the rain was nice to listen to or we were focused on making room for Thanksgiving. Prayers for Cosmo and his M’s health. Good verse this morning from Cosmo via Kitty – Phil 4:6-7. Appreciate the opportunity to lead!

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