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42 PAX showed up for a fun family workout. Welcomed 7 2.0 FNG’s, 1 FNG and named 1 FNG. Lightning, lioness(FNG), slap Shot (FNG), short stop (FNG), blue, Picasso, puzzler, hammer head(FNG) pack rat, flipper, (FNG), Boulder, shortstick, ray, spike(FNG), jack(FNG), Schwinn, sugar, giggles (FNG), runner up, khaki, wooly Dutchman, motorboat, Lincoln log, state, kitty,nomad, mcstuffins, ace, warm glow, teddy bear, snooki, Faceoff, biscuit, Clancy, bubble bath, pontoon 19, maize, achy breaky FNG), good

Welcome w/core principles; free, open to all men, always outside, peer led and ends in a circle of trust

Dislaimer: F3, church, q, parking lot not responsible

Warmup: SSH (IC), Imperial Walkers (IC), Weed Pickers (IC),

The Thang:

Separate out groups so the pace for everyone is appropriate. If PAX with 2.0s gets space out, no worries, they can go at their own speed. The goal is to have fun.


Runners with 2.0s


Ruckers with 2.0s

Format – 1 miles loops. Get in as many as you can in 45 minutes. 5 stops along the way with an exercise at each stop.

  • Stop 1: 20 – Gobbler Squats (slow deep squat where you gobble at the bottom. If you don’t gobble, doesn’t count).
  • Stop 2: Cranberry Crabwalk – crabwalk 10 yds, then back 10 yds
  • Stop 3: Pumpkin Pie Dash – zigzag 35yd sprint.
  • Stop 4: 10 – Turkey Burpee (normal burpee, when you jump you flap your arms like you are trying to fly. But you can’t, just like a turkey.)
  • Stop 5: 20 – Mashed Potato Merkins (standard hand release merkins)

Recover, Recover

Moleskin: Since Logger is quarantining, CheeseBall did his best to lead in his place. Showed up early to set up cones. Was a little confused why there were already traffic cones blocking some of the roads and once parked the car was informed that a race was happening at the church starting at 7. Got a little stressed thinking we were going to need to find somewhere else to ruck, but then was told we had until 8 before the first race started. Q was a little nervous about such a large group, but things went off well. Some of the 2.0’s really got into the workout and even heard some gobbling from some of the “experienced” pax. Started name o Rama and were told the parking lot was getting shut down and we needed to leave then or we wouldn’t be able to leave. so we left and went to the bank across the street to finish up. Got to name 7 2.0 fng’s and named billy ray “achy breaky!”

COT Q was still a little flustered from getting kicked out of the church parking lot that he almost forgot the COT ( well he did forget it, but luckily others did not). Prayers go out to snookis mom who came home from the hospital and thoughts out to all those that can’t be with their families on thanksgiving.

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