3 pax reporting. Kitty, Jackie Moon, Pappy (Q). 39 degrees and dry. Beautiful morning! 
5 principles 

20 side straddle  
20 imperial walkers 
15 wind mills
15 week pickers 

Mosey to pavilion 

8 piece of Pie workout, 5 minute EMOM per piece 

Piece 1 
20 table presses 

Piece 2 
20 squats 
30 calf raises 

Piece  3 
15 step up each leg 

Piece 4 
20 lbc 
15 inclined merkins 

Piece  5 
20 dips 
15 bench curls 

Piece 6 One leg stand up 10 per side 
Piece 7 20 flutter kicks 20 gas pumps 
Piece 8 Big Boys 


3 pax worked hard to rid ourselves of the extra Piece of pie. Time expired after the 7th piece. All PAx decided to finish the last piece. Great work men. Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the Pie tonight 

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