42 degrees- clear skies and Christmas lights ablaze for 11 PAX: Jay-Z, Maestro, Piper, Wapner, Stache, Boucher, Gasman, Bubblicious, CrabbyPO, FNG- Brian, Daisy QIC


  • Finkle swings- 10 each leg
  • Tempo squats- 10IC
  • Sprinklers- 10IC
  • Grasspickers- 15IC
  • Shoulder pretzels- 20IC
  • Stretch any tightness OYO

Mosey to happy place:

Aiken legs x2

Mosey to tunnel of lights

Wilt Chamberlain

Mosey to stairs

  • Leg blaster
  • Wheelbarrow stairs
  • Stair suicide
  • Leg blaster
  • Stair suicide

Slowsey to large shelter hoise


  • A-rod 10OYO
  • Pickle pointers 20IC
  • Wing nuts- 15IC
  • Imperial Walkers 15IC



The Christmas lights were bright and cheery this morning to welcome the PAX for a post thanksgiving workout. YHC brought an FNG for the beat down this morning. Conversation started early as Stache had a rough night from a margarita mixer- but he showed! Merlot splash comments were made by many worried about the post thanksgiving digestion still going on. The leg beat down began- only one Aiken legs were planned, but a late arriving Maestro caused an audible as we didn’t want him to miss in the fun. The stair-barrows brought threats to the Q’s well being- so only one set was done- but between that and all the rest- that was enough. The Merlot splash did show up today- but not from margaritas, from the FNG….. so the car ride home brought some apologies and hopes that this doesn’t deter from helping stride toward a Kokomo chapter developing. So far FNG is excited about getting in shape and men’s fellowship. All in all a great effort today- hoping to get some fartsackers out for Monday as the lights and Xmas music will be awaiting!!!!

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