12 pax posted at The Hill for the Tuesday beatdown.
Bumblebee, Woolly Dutchmen, Optimus, Bubblebath, Cheeseball, snap hook, diary, snookie, runner up, Fantana, Rigley and short stick (Q). 28 degrees, quite chilly.

Warm-up: Side strattle hops x12 weed pickers x12

Beatdown consisted of 7 stops around a loop of campus. At the first stop we had 20 merkins. Second stop was in front of the Cafe where we did 15 burpees and 30 lbc. Third stop was at the Beach where we did 30 calf raises and 25 squats. Next we went down the hill and made two more stops and did 60 mountain climber, 30 petter Parker’s, 20 chuck Norris and 30 flutter kicks. On are last stop, the driveway we had 35 Merkin hand release. Finish the beatdown off with one more Indian run and back to the HILL and we did 20 gas pumps. Recover Recover. One fng was named @fantana apparently he loves kitties and they love him .-Short stick

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