8 men posted in the 21°, calm gloom


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICX15

LBAC ICX15 each direction

T-bombs ICX10

Jingle Balls ICX10

Paul Blart ICX10



Mosey to 12 days of Christmas

Starting at Day 10, mosey to day 9 and do 1 merkin and 10 leg lifts

Then “sprint” or run hard to Day 1

Slowsey or mosey to Day 2 and do 2 merkins and 9 leg lifts

Sprint back to day 10

Slowsey to Day 7 and do 3 and 8

Sprint to Day 1

Exercise continues adding to 10 and down to 1 on reps. Distance of sprint decreases by one day each time through.

Mosey to shelter house

10 abyss merkins IC

20 dips OYO



Flutter kicks ICX20

Pickle pointers ICX10


Mumble was light as the reality set in that 1st and 10 had nothing to do with football and everything to do with running. This exercise is designed for a football field and stopping at each 10 yard line, but YHC thought the 12 days of Christmas would work. During the Maestro Lap YHC realized the audible to 1st and 12 was out of the question. Each day of Christmas is well over 10 yards from each other. The first sprint proved to be a marathon. Even Ariel, who showed up by the way, was gassed 4 days from the end! Yours truly was glad the sprint decreased in length but by the end it didn’t matter much as our legs were jello. Good cardio was had by all. Hope to see more post on Friday.

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