9 PAX posted at the newly named Vet. – Wrigley, State, Brickyard, Snaphook, Snooki, Mcstuffins, Biscuit, Nomad, Clancy (Q). Another brisk morning in the 25 degree range.

Motivator from 7 – Contrary to Brickyard’s claim, it warmed us up
Weedpickers X15
Imperial Walkers X15

Mosey Exploration around the reflection Pond
Discussion about the Veteran’s Memorial Motivator from 5
Mosey to the musicians
HRM X 10
Monkey Humpers X20
Mosey to the Pit
Box Jumps X 20
Incline Merkins X 20
Decline Merkins X 20
Mosey to the south on the beautiful Monon then to the Gazebo
LBCs X 15 IC
Mosey to the Police Department for some attention
Lunge Walk in front of the PD
Mosey to the Civic Square Fountain
Stair work – calf raises X 20
Mosey through the Veteran’s way Parking Garage and to the City Center stairs
Calf raises X 30
Mosey with some Bear Crawl and Carioca (never knew how to spell that before today) back to flags
LBC X 15
Motivator from 7

Recover, recover 

Moleskin: Another exploration day at the new AO. With the previous beatdown including a northern route, we went south today. After all this exploring, anyone that Qs at this AO will have less to prep in advance of their Q. Now they know all the fun locations and options available to help us all get stronger. Brickyard was in attendance so we all learned new things. Someone suggested giving him a hard hat and putting him to work as we passed a construction area. This was a fun, yet mosey-full adventure with a great group of men. We finished it off in a brief discussion regarding the naming of the AO. The naming award goes to Nomad as “The Vet” really fits the importance of the memorial on site. YHC really appreciated the input from all regarding the naming. With so much respect for those of you, and all our veterans, I really love the name that was decided. Great Work!

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