12 Pax eagerly launched out of the fartsack at the thought of flailing around a parking lot with a cinder block at 5:30 a.m. A tremendous reminder of the glue made in the gloom.

Weather 31 F.

Disclaimer and Core’s presented.

Warm-o. AbeVigodas, SSH, Arm Circles

Thang. Work down the Ladder. Starting point 10 Blockees, then pick your poison carry 220′. 10 PlyoBlockMerkins 2=1. carry 1/2 way back. on your back and hold block press until all pax arrive. 10 IC core exercises while holding block static. various rota of flutters, low dolly, freddy mercury… carry back to starting point. repeat all, go down 1 each time. core remains 10IC.

Moleskine: Pax did a tremendous job today busting it. The blockees were a real crowd pleaser as YHC had anticipated. due to time restraints we finished the last 3 rungs of the ladder at our starting point. A few Clark Griswold quotes were blurted out, when we had time to catch up on oxygen. YHC caught portions of a story Nomad was telling. something about what he does in front of the picture window at his house.. his M loves it.. a deceased animal rug is involved. Mary was included in todays Thang, we had a Great COT, namo and picture time. Khaki is working on a flyer to share with HOA’s, etc. due to his day job, managing 6 signup genius pages, other comms work, & knocking out 600 bonus Merkins.. the flyer is a couple days behind schedule. Keep EH’ing!!! Keep accelerating!


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