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# of Pax’s: 4 Civilians transformed into Superheroes

Disclaimer: Nobody is responsible for you or your actions except you.

Core Principles: Free; open to all Men; outside rain, snow, or shine; peer led; ends with COT

• Warm-O: 10 IC each


o Weed Pickers

o Imperial Walkers

• Thang: Superhero Training

o Level 1: Apprentice

▪ 40 Merkins (build biceps for costume)

▪ 40 Plank shoulder taps (enlargement of Pectoral muscles)

▪ 40 Squats (enhancement for the rest of the costume)

▪ 1 Lap of Suicides on the B-Ball Court

o Level 2: Maybe you can save someone

▪ 40 Slow Climbers (so you want to be like Spiderman huh?)

▪ 20 Miles Morales (copycat, be your own hero)

▪ 80 Punches (you do actually have to learn how to throw a punch)

▪ 1 Lap of Suicides on the B-Ball Court

o Level 3: Almost ready to buy the Costume

▪ 40 Leg Merkins-20 each leg (intimidate bad guys with big ____)

▪ 40 Arm/Leg Plank Raises (you will need to learn balance)

▪ 40 Side Plank Crunch-20 each side (chicks dig the abs bro)

▪ 1 Lap of Suicides on the B-Ball Court

o Level 4: Last Level before you can save the city!

▪ 40 Reverse Merkin Dips (umm…tricep + bicep= Muscles)

▪ 40 Plank Leg Raises (maximizing the Gluteus Maximus)

▪ 40 One arm Plank Jumps (really? Chicks dig the biceps, remember)

▪ 1 Lap of Suicides on the B-Ball Court

• Mary:  As in Mary Jane from Spiderman duh

o 20 Superman Stretches

o 20 LBC

o 20 Knee to Elbow Crunch

o Plank hold for remainder of time!

Recover, Recover Superhero!!

Moleskin: 3 Civilians showed up to learn how to be a superhero like the YHC! There were some laughter when the Pax experienced the presence of a real man in tights, costume, and mask…however, the laughter ended when the muscles started hurting! By level 4, these Pax were just about ready to earn their Costumes and start saving the City! The Biceps, Abs and Gluteus (yes your backend) were all stronger and able to fill out the costume, and Superheroes were born! F3 Man (cosmo), Capt Electric (DC) & Dr Whiskey (Pappy) were now ready to help Chirpster save the City!

Side note; Much praise and thanks for all front line workers like Motorboat and McStuffins! Love you guys!

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