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25 pax posted: Bumblebee, Motorboat, Khaki, Nomad, Maize, Quick, Wrigley, Wilson, Biscuit, Kneehigh, Tulip, Spud, Sarge, Pickles, Wooly Dutchman, Fantana, Bubble Bath, Snooki, Puzzler, Pontoon-19, Marshall, Clancy, Lincoln Log, Warm Glow, Cheeseball

Core principals and disclaimer were given

Warm-up: Instead of warm up Q discussed December 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor Day


  • Rucked 3713 meters for the casualties of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 2403 US personnel, 68 civilians, 1178 injured and 64 Japanese that were killed.
  • Made a stop at Inlow Park for more history… The Japanese strike force consisted 353 aircraft and 67 ships. for a total of 420. So we did 420 merkins…… total, which was 17 total merkins.
  • Stopped at River Road for more history…. They destroyed or damaged 19 US Naval Ships and more than 300 aircraft. Luckily the US aircraft carriers were out to see that morning doing training exercises. We each did 13 squats with our hands held straight up above our head.
  • Stopped again at Inlow Park on way back for more history…. There were 51 Navy Cross Recipients from the Pearl Harbor Attack, so we did 51 side straddle hops, 26 In Cadence
  • Ended at back at The Hill for the final exercise. Q asked if anyone knew how many of the original 67 ships Japan used for the Pearl Harbor attack actually made it through the war. Pax guessed 0, but the answer was 1, the Ushio, which was surrendered to the United States at the end of the war. The punishment for getting it wrong was to do 15 burpees for the 15 Pearl Harbor Medal of Honor recipients.

Cot: Marine Toys for Tots fundraiser is posted in 3rd F Channel. 97% of funds are used on toys for INDIANAPOLIS kids. Lessons and Carols will be tonight @ 7PM. Quick will be giving a short speech. 12/19 will be Santa ruck. Was decided this morning that we will still have the normal 7am Ruck and then the Santa Ruck immediatly afterwards. More information will be posted this week on 1st F. Motorboat to lead the fundraising campaign for that.

Picture by the flag

Moleskin: Wow! 24 Pax out for a beutiful morning, wait, no it was actually 25 as Pontoon-19 came in hot right at 7:00. We had a good walk out to Inlow park where we did our Merkins, only to stop in the middle of them as a CPD officer must have been woken up at the back part of the park and about ran us over. But to give him credit, who would have known there would be 25 men face down in the middle of the street. Props to Lincoln Log for his quick reaction time hopping up to make sure we were seen! Made it out to River road and back to Inlow without much excitement. Hard to hear mumblechatter with so many Ruckers spread apart. SSH’s at Inlow were great and the PAX called the numbers out nice and loud. Pontoon’s former police career showed its face as he noticed a car parked in a peculiar spot in a neighborhood, but no worries it was just WarmGlow’s as he had to cut out early for a volleyball game. We got back to The Hill and finished up with 15 burpees, some with and some without Rucks (Props to those that left them on!) COT and then picture by the flags! We all noticed Motorboats loaner Audi that he had and Wrigley just wanted to give it a little “love tap”.

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