Pax: Square, Cornwallis, Khaki, Dr. Porkchop – Q

Weather: A warm 34 degrees, had Q shedding layers from the start.

Warm Up: 26 SSH IC, Finkle swings, Arm swings, 17 Imperial walkers IC, Mosey

EMOM 1 – 10 minute total

Odds: heel-touch side step ups (needs a better name), 8 each leg

Evens: 20 dirty hookups

EMOM 2 – 6 minutes total

Odds: 10 right side rock thrusters, 10 right arm BB sit up presses

Evens: left arm

Mosey to end of parking lot

10 squats, 10 leg raises, 10 shoulder tap merkins

Run to light pole, 9/9/9, run back, 8/8/8 … 1/1/1


1:4 – leg raise, flutter kick, 2/8, 3/12, 4/16, 5/20, 4/16, 3/12, 2/8, 1/4

Moleskin: New exercises were really just modified versions of very common F3 exercises. Maybe false advertising, but a good workout either way. Great to see Khaki at the Pit and apologies in advance to our UF teams tomorrow, we might be a little slow and shaky.

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