Weather: ~33, no wind, perfect

Pax: Bubble Bath, Clancy, Cheeseball, State, Biscuit, Brickyard, Teddy Bear, Faceoff, Nomad

Warmup: SSH IC x20, IW IC x20, WP IC x10, KWT IC x10, 10 burpees OYO

Thang: YHC has the Q on Tue and Thur this week and had two workouts prepared. Gave pax choice of A or B and they selected B. You’ll have to come back Thursday to find out what A was.

“B” theme was stamina.

Partner workout: 50 burpees collectively. While pax one does burpees, pax two runs to the top of the stairs and does 10 jump tucks, then back down the stairs to partner, swap places.

Mosey over to the drive and ran 1 suicide drill.

Mosey back for second partner workout: 100 Bonnie Blairs (2 is 1) while partner runs to the top of the stairs for 10 SSH.

Mosey to the large patio for broad jumps down and back

Mosey back for third partner workout: 200 mountain climbers (2 is 1) while partner runs to the top of the stairs and back down.

Mosey back for another suicide drill then back over to the patio for another broad jump set.

Slowsey back to the flags

Mary: American hammers IC x50, 1.5 min low plank, flutter kicks IC x50

Recover recover

Moleskin: during the welcome, YHC asked pax to be thinking about a 3-4 word phrase that describes something on their hearts and minds that they could share at the COT. It was awesome to have guys open up this morning and use the COT to be vulnerable and lean on their brothers. Prayers for strength in marriage, in health, in finances and work, in family. Additional prayers for Cheeseball’s brother-in-law, Adam and for Brickyard’s friend, Rashad. It was a real honor to lead this morning, men.

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