12 Pax Reported to Grizzly for a Death Deck Workout 

35 Degree, Dry and Still 

Wrigley, Kitty, DC, Nomad, Maze, Chessball, Zamboni, Motorboat, Coyote, Jackie Moon, Fantana, Pappy (Q)  


5 Principles 

Warm up 

20 ic SSH  

20 ic  weed pickers 

10 IC Arm circles Forward 

10 IC Arm circles Backwards

20 ic Imperial walker squats  

10 Ic Blart 


Deck of Death 

Hearts- Merkins 

Spades- squats  

Clubs- 2 count Lunges 

Diamonds- Dips 

Joker- wild Card- Burpee Catch me if you can Indiana 

–          1st  Joker 1- 5 set of burpees per Pax 

–          2nd Joker 2- 5 sets of burpees per Pax 


Spell the Alphabet 

20 IC IBC 

1 minute high planks 

1 Minute Snowflake Plank 

Recover Recover 

Mole Skin 

Beautiful morning for a work out. Nice to see some Pax from other AO’s making their way to Grizzly. Workout started slow with chatter, but as time went the chatter died. By the end of the workout there were a lot of layers lying on the ground. Q obviously doesn’t play a lot of cards as be couldn’t remember the suit and workout tied to the suite. Q promises he did shuffle the deck and did confirm there were 54 total cards in the deck. Somehow all the big clubs were together, so a lot on lunges in a row. Great work men!!!

Prayers for all Pax’s and their Marriages. Though we have spent a lot of time with our M’s, be sure to make time just for you and M away from the 2020 normal. Continues payers for Zamboni’s job hunt, and for Cosmos M.

Blessing on your day.  

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