Weather 36 with a chilly breeze



Cubby Blue


Pew Pew



Crabby PO



Wapner QIC


SSHs IC x20

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Nipple tweakers IC x15

Grass pickers IC x15

Sit & reach, cross overs, butterflies

Hillbilly walkers IC x15

Tempo squats IC x15


Mosey to main shelter w/ butt kicks, high knees, carioca, frolic

Roll the dice and do the exercise – if the dice match do 3 sets instead of 2

Exercises include: 20 dips, 30 Freddie Mercurys, 15 box jumps, 30 American hammers, 1 min. wall sit, 20 merkins, 15 jump squats, 30 sec. side plank (each side), 15 jump lunges, 30 mountain climbers, 20 burpees

Stair lap between rolls of the dice

R & R x10

Mosey to flag


Big Sexy

Pickle pointers IC x20

Pickle pounders IC x20

Monkey humpers ROF x10



A trip to the dollar store with 2.0s over the weekend yielded workout dice and a basic Q. Boucher back after missing Monday definitely livened up the chatter, although it was noted that only a small percentage of what he says can be taken seriously. The dice were friendly considering how bad it could have been… no merkins, burpees only once, and the dice never paired up to multiply reps. Even friendly rolls of the dice added up, though. It was noted to be careful about which dice to bring back next time… the other dice may have a large number of reps of an unknown exercise.

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