• Seven Pax at the Tundra for a little bit of everything. Wanted to use the coupon a little more but tough to do outside of six feet apart with a 45 pounder.
  • Disclaimer 
    • I’m not responsible 
    • City of Noblesville not responsible 
    • F3 is open to all men 
    • Free 
    • Outdoors, Rain or Shine 
    • Always ends in COT 
  • Warm O Rama 
    • Arm Circles 
    • Imperial Walkers 
    • Invisible Jump Ropes 
    • High Knee run in place 
    • Weed pickers 
  • Thang 
    • 100 Squats 
    • 10 Mericans 
    • Run around the tundra, 10 step ups at each wall 
    • Diamond Mericans 
    • Wall Mericans 
    • Indian Run with Ruck Plate 
  • Mary 
    • American Hammers, pass the ruck plate (Couldn’t do that six feet apart, stupid Covid…)
    • Low Dollies 
    • Gas Pumps 
    • LBCS (100) 
  • Count Off 
  • Intentions 
  • Prayer 
  • Picture by the flag 

Moleskine: Nice morning dark and early at the Tundra. Q was late, but made it in time to bust it. Special thanks to @Spaceballs for bringing Coffeteria to the after chatter.

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