December 10, 2020 – Beatdown at The Hill.

28 degrees, clear, crisp.

Welcome to F3, 5 principles of F3. (disclaimer?)

14 PAX: Bumblebee, Optimus, Faceoff, Cheeseball, State, FNG Roland, Achy Breaky, Heartthrob, Fantana, FNG Joel, Buiscuit, Bubble Bath, Snitches, Woolly Dutchman (Q)

Get loose OYO while getting pumped up listening to the ‘You vs. 2nd Place’ intro. Jumping + arm circles, weed pickers, high plank.


1 400 meter lap, grab a rock at the halfway point
2 man makers
3 squat thrusters
4 diamond, decline merkins
5 block/rock swings
6 pull ups
7 big boi sit ups
8 motivator from 8, IC
9 jump squats
10 block/rock swings
11 low low, jump lunges, chest over knee
12 bay city scissors (8 count) IC
13 freddie mercury (4 count) IC
14 hand release, release merkins
15 Murder bunny mountain (just once up the hill)
16 side lunges
17 block/rock overhead press
18 second mosey
19 mountain climbers (2 is 1)
20 block/rock swings
21 chuck norris merkins
22 overhead claps, IC
23 low slow squats
24 yard sprint
25 Murder bunny mountain or block/rock swings
26 incline merkins
27 weed pickers
28 shoulder taps
29 bonnie blair’s
30 block/rock swings
31 block/rock rows
32 SSH, IC
33 feet: bear crawl
34 feet: crab walk
35 block/rock swings
36 feet: alligator merkins
37 (1.5) squats, IC
38 low dolly, IC
39 block/rock curls
40 yard sprint
41 dips
42 SSH, IC
43 imperial walkers, IC
44 squats
44 groiners
45 block/rock swings
46 monkey humpers
47 heel taps/squirming turtles
48 feet: block/rock bear crawl
49 burpees
50 LBC’s (4 count)
Recover recover.

COT: We completed #1-38 as a team this morning. Great job men! With some improvements made by the Q, and as we get stronger together, I know we can get to 50, and we WILL continue to strive for 50 (respect). Obviously, feel free to use/modify this for your Q if you like it! We welcomed 2 FNG’s this morning, great job EH’ing. Santa Ruck coming up, go sign up or contact Cheeseball for details. Flag making at Pontoon-19’s house Saturday, burgers, fellowship, and beer from Motorboat’s brewery (can’t believe I’m missing this). Toys For Tots donation link on 3rd F channel. Prayers of thanks for another day to be brothers to each other and to be Christ to our families, friends, coworkers, and people we encounter today; prayers for getting our minds right and ready for Jesus coming to meet us where we are on Christmas; prayers for Zamboni’s job search and that God shuts all other doors to make His will clear; prayers for Headlock’s recovery and Cheeseball’s and others’ injuries and recoveries and thanks for giving them the strength to modify fitness while building up others through fellowship and Faith. Thanks for making me better toady men, it was a pleasure to lead! – Woolly

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