Weather: 28 degrees, no wind, awesome

Pax: Clancy, Maize, Zamboni, Brickyard, Snaphook, McStuffins, Logger, FNG Patrick, Nomad

Warmup: SSH IC x20, IW IC x20, WP IC x10, KWT IC x10, 10 burpees OYO, mosey around the reflection pool

Thang: Tuesday’s workout was focused on stamina so today was focused on strength.

Overhead claps IC x20, cherry pickers IC x20, Moroccan night clubs IC x20

Hand release mericans 30 OYO, 30 dips OYO, HR merc 30 OYO, 30 dips OYO

Squats IC x20, step-ups IC x20, lunges IC x20

Calf raises with toes pointed out IC x20, pointed straight IC x20, pointed in IC x20

Second set but cut all numbers by half

Mary: crunchy frog IC x25, 1.5 min low plank, flutter kicks IC x25

Recover recover

Moleskin: lots of mumble chatter about burpees not being a warmup (don’t care) and the pace of cadence (don’t care) but at least YHC did apologize to Maize and Zamboni for the leg work since we got blown up at Grizzly yesterday. Oh well, it was written down so we had no choice but to follow the almighty winky. Brickyard decided he doesn’t need me to pick up any more Qs any time soon. We’ll see about that. Great to have FNG Patrick out this morning. During COT, I challenged the guys that were there on Tuesday to ask themselves what they did about the thing on their heart or mind. What had they done to make an impact on that thing since Tuesday? For today, I asked the guys during the welcome to think about someone they could impact during the rest of the week and then give their name at the COT so that’s what we did.

A little selfish note here: my oldest daughter, Emma, turns 13 today!

If another man hasn’t told you this today: I love you, brothers.

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