Weather 42 and beautiful

PAX: Cubby Blue , Bubblicious, Boucher (QIC), Crabby PO, Humdinger, Jay-Z, Maestro, Piper, Stache, Wapner

Warm Up:

· Maestro C.A.P. Lap

  • Moroccan night clubs IC x 10
  • Nipple tweakers IC x 10
  • Table top IC x 10
  • Scorpion 
  • Grass pickers x15

Mosey to light tunnel


-Frolic down

· Bear crawl down and back with 40 Bobby Hurleys at each end

· Boo Boo Bear down and back with 50 LBC at each end

· Crab walk down and back with 20 merkins at each end

· Bearpee down and back with 50 Hillbilly Walkers

Mosey to stairs

· Stair lap with exercises at top and bottom. Bear crawl up then crawl bear down.

· 10 donkey kicks x2

· 10 hand release merkins at bottom x2

· 10 Big Boys x2

Mosey back to light tunnel entrance

  • Big Bear Shuffle- 10 merkins


  • 10 Gorilla Humper Ring of Fire
  • 10 Big Boys
  • Hold a canoe (or boat from QIC)


The beat down started awkward by Maestro being present for the Maestro CAP lap and continued on with the QIC struggling to comprehend the counts and tones of exercises IC. As the morning progressed spirits were lifted by the sight and sounds of the light tunnel and the opportunity for the PAX to rest their feet for a change by working out while distributing 50% of their weight away to the top half of their body thanks to the festive bear walks. Luckily the repeating sound of joys from the speakers were able to drown out the cries of joy during Boo Boo Bear and Bearpee walks. A full morning of extended time on our paws should provide the proper rest to the PAX tender foots to get the back to full health and more consistent turn outs. Mary provided an opportunity to a couple PAX to receive generic alternative nick names that were numbered. The names might actually stick. The PAX left the the beat down feeling festive and fit. Wapner left feeling lighter after ditching extra CO2 he was carrying around. This years Beary Merry Christmas was another success according to the QIC.

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