It was darkish and coldish. Six pax posted at Grizzly for a “Banners and Buckets” Block Workout. Wrigley (Q), Spaceballs, Coyote, Kitty, Chirp Chirp, and Zamboni


Warm Up

SSH x 20

Weedpickers x 10

Arm Circles x 10

Kick with a Twist x 10

The Thang

To the basketball court. Start in the middle of the court. Lateral shuffle from sideline to sideline stopping to perform an exercise in the middle of the court. Start with 25 reps, then 20, 15, 10, and 5.

Round 1: Bent over rows (75 total reps)

Round 2: Feet over your block (1-1, so 75 total reps)

Round 3: Kettle bell swings (75 total reps)

Farmer’s carry from sideline to sideline until you drop, then switch arms and repeat.

IU basketball beat North Alabama by 35 points on Sunday, so perform 35 block curls

IU basketball has five national championship banners (1940, 1953, 1976, 1981, 1987), so perform five eight-count man makers

IU basketball has 22 B1G basketball championships, so perform 22 block merkins

IU basketball has 22 Sweet 16 appearances, so perform 22 goblet squats

IU football would have beaten Purdue by 30 points in this year’s Bucket game, so perform 30 chest presses (YHC note: the game has been rescheduled for this Friday night, so IU can prove its dominance)

IU football has beaten Purdue 42 times since the series began in 1891, so perform 42 lawnmower pulls (21 each side)

IU football is headed to their 13th bowl game, so perform 13 overhead presses

Run one lap around the park and back to the basketball court


American Hammers IC x 25

Butterfly Big Boy Situps 20 OYO

High Plank 2 min

Recover Recover


Moleskin: YHC enjoyed the fact that most of the pax that reported were Purdue fans. Lots of mumblechatter from those men. Boiler down! It brought YHC pleasure to inflict pain on those pax in direct relationship to IU’s athletic prowess. It was suggested we should have thrown our blocks across the basketball court ala Coach Knight throwing a folding chair in 1985, which just so happened to be in a game against Purdue. Boiler down! But YHC thought better of it after envisioning the marks that would be left on the court of which we would in fact be responsible. YHC had to explain that a piece of cloth hanging in that barn they call Mackey Arena honoring Brian Cardinal or Cuonzo Martin was not the same as a NCAA Championship banner. Go ugly early and Boiler down!

Looking forward to Spaceballs’ VQ (at least for F3 Indianapolis) on Friday. Come out and support him!

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