Pax: Wilson, Clancy, and State (Q)

Weather: 25-ish and Clear

Warm-up:  Weedpickers x 16 (IC) and I thought Maize might show so I was feeling motivated—Motivator x 5, Mosey and Bear Crawl through tunnel of lights to the fountain

Thang 1: Progressive Leg Burner.  Each round adds an exercise and a trip up the stairs

10 jump knee tucks and stairs x1

Add 20 side lunges and stairs x2

Add 30 squats and stairs x3

Add 40 mountain climbers and stairs x4

Add 50 plank jacks and stairs x 5

Final round—no stairs but work through all 6 exercises adding 60 calf raises

Thang 2—Zoolander inspired 12 days of Christmas.  We made it through 8 lovely days

Day 1: Burpee

Day 2: 2 BB Sit ups

Day 3: 3 HR Mericans

Day 4: 4 Turkish Get-ups

Day 5: 5 Dips

Day 6: 6 Low Dolly

Day 7: 7 Carolina Dry Docs

Day 8: 8 High Dolly

Day 9: Overhead claps

Day 10: Flutter Kicks

Day 11: Mericans

Day 12: LBCs

Mosey up the stairs one more time and to the gramophone???  I think it’s a gramophone.  Turn the crank and hold plank while the Hoagy Carmichael tune plays.   We held plank while Ray Charles epically delivered “Georgia on my mind”.  Mosey to the shovel flag.  Recover Recover. 

Moleskin:  A beatdown with 3 men brought back some early F3 memories to YHC when the group at The Hill was just taking off.  The growth in 2 years really has been remarkable.  It was great to chat with Wilson and Clancy while they humored me while pretending to enjoy running up and down the stairs.  Quote of the Q belonged to Clancy who remarked something like “I would rather do a Burpee than a Turkish Get-ups”.  Prayers for those dealing with isolation and separation during this challenging time.  Watch out for a Monday run/ruck starting at The Vet after the first of the year. 

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