Wednesday Dec 16th

7 Pax Reporting, Kitty, Nomad, Spaceballs, Wrigley, Coyote, Maze, Pappy (q) 

28 degrees, Snowing with 1 inch on the ground 


5 principles 


Mosey to pavilion 

Warm up 

15 ic windmills 

15 in weed pickers 

20 ic Imperial walker squats 

10 ic arm circles forward 

10 ic arm circles backward  

Happy Jacks (5 ic side saddle hops than 2 jump squats) 

TABATA 5 rounds 30 on 15 off

·         Burpees, Squats

·         Rt Leg Lunge Kicks, LT leg lunge Kicks

·         Power Jack, Bench Calf Raises 

·         Dips, Side Staddle Hops

·         Picnic Table Presses, Alternating Leg Step Ups 


20 ic Standing mountain climbers 

60 ic LBC (In true Big ten Fashion we changed the rules as we went, planned on 35, Pax wanted 50 so Q went to 60)  

Mole Skin 

First Snow of the year and first snow workout for many of the Pax, Q included. More lunges this week, they never seem to get easy, and Pax still feeling it from last weeks BD. Some light chatter slowly died, as we got deeper into the work out. Picnic Table presses were cold and wet but seem to be a fan favorite. 

Keep Cosmo and his M in prayers. Continued prayers for all HIM and their M’s.

Reminder of 1/1 Convergence at Grizzly. Sign up to give Blood following BD.

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