Only 8 PAX had the courage to post after an ominous preblast (“not for the faint of heart”) to tackle the 2nd #VARSITY beatdown of 2020.

[for those that are just joining us, “Varsity” style beatdowns are designed to be especially brutal…to push the PAX that post on a regular basis and want to test their strength]

Disclaimer was really emphasized as State was powersliding into his parking spot, and we got to it.

The Warm Up:

High Knees

Side lunges


Arm circles

Seal jacks

The Thang:

Motivator from 10

Squativator from 10

Burpee 0.5 Mile (mosey with 10 burpees EMOM)

LBCs 20

Flutter Kicks 20

Low Dolly 20

Mucho Chesto Presto

Werkins 10

Air press 10

Merkins 10

Air press 10

Clerkins/Diamond Merkins 10

Air press 10

R&R with 8, 6, 4, & 2 reps

JLo 10 ic

American Hammers 20 ic

Rosalia 20 ic

Overhead claps x34 ic

Moroccan Nightclub x33 ic

Cherry Pickers x33 ic

After reaching the top, we had to go back down the mountain (which is always faster than the climb)

Rosalita 10 ic

American Hammers 10 ic

JLo 10 ic

Clerkins 5

Air press 5

Merkins 5

Air press 5

Werkins 5

Air press 5

R&R with 3 reps & 1 rep

Low Dolly 10 ic

Flutter Kicks 10 ic

LBCs 10 ic

Run to light post

10 Burpees

Run back 

10 Burpees

Squativator from 5

Motivator from 10

Recover x2


Two. Motivators. From. Ten.

Men – I am blown away from you performance today! Heart throb gave me a scare running to his car halfway through the beatdown, but showed some SERIOUS staying power coming back and fighting through the rest of the beatdown. PAX pointed out just how far Bumblebee has come – from splashing merlot at every beatdown to leading the PAX today. This was a nonstop grind this morning, but as we learned…we can do anything for 45 minutes. #EmbraceTheSuck

YHC threw out the idea of a 2nd F event (in-person or virtual) over the holiday where we play Jackbox games…reach out if interested and we’ll get something scheduled.

Prayers for our able bodies, for men that are sick or injured (special intention for Headlock’s continued recovery), and for us to impact everyone in our lives.

Until next time!

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