Block Party Fun

Weather: 22 degrees, snow on the grass but not in our workspace!

Pax posted: 17

Welcome w/ Core Principles: Free, open to all Men, Peer Lead, outside rain or shine, and end in COT!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and not responsible, Church and F3 are not responsible.

Warm up: IC

• 10 Imperial Walkers

• 10 Mt Climbers

• 15 SSH

Zamp carry to lower level

Thang: 12 days of Christmas! After each day of Christmas is complete, tap a lap down to light pole and back. Hold Plank until all Pax have completed the same day.

1. Squat Thruster

2. OHP

3. Block Pull Through

4. Chirpee

5. KB Swings

6. Curls for the girls

7. Block Merkins

8. Plank Jacks

9. Around the World (new)

10. Block Dips

11. Goblet Squats

12. 8ct Man Makers


• 20 Block Flutter Kicks

• 20 Block high dollies

• 10 Block low dollies, 10 Chest presses, High/Low Plank for 1 minute

Recover Recover!

COT at lower lot, prayers for incident in Westfield, prayers for the sick and unspoken requests. Food drive for a friend of Snaphook!

Carry Cindy however you can to the upper lot for a pic by the Flags!

Moleskin: BRR…it was cold outside! We quickly warmed up and went to the lower lot. YHC explained the Thang and we jumped right into it. YHC also decided to share some holiday music to help the Pax get through the pain. Some of the music may have been questionable but we survived it. A certain veteran Pax complained about the Q decision on what is and isn’t an “exercise” rather than a warm up or Mary, but hey, he wasn’t the Q! (Respect)! Ponzi raced the YHC and may have beat him (barely) but hey like Dom says, “it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning” so congrats to him (blah). Speaking of Ponzi, YHC and other Pax were waiting patiently for the pic by the flags while Ponzi and another Pax (who shall not be named), were supposedly “3F-ing” whatever that means smh. Thank you men for making me better and please be safe and Happy Holidays!

You’re friendly neighborhood CHIRP CHIRP

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