13 PAX Posted for a run/ruck that included a nice apple pie conclusion.

Weather: A beautiful 37 degrees. Runners wore shorts (strange) and ruckers were bundled up.

Disclaimer: No one is responsible

Core Principles: Free! Open to all men, always outside, peer lead, and end in a COT.

Warmup: Well, the runners stretched.

Thang: The ruckers outpaced the runners for about 10 feet. Runners traveled the countryside viewing and judging the Christmas light displays. Ruckers rucked with a servant’s purpose. Ruckers had a few exercises along the way including merkins, lunges, shoulder taps, squats, calf raises, and a little bear crawl.

Recover, Recover.

COT: New Interval run/ruck at The Vet coming on Monday’s starting in 2021. Toys for Tots over $1,900 (good work men!). Several members of our F3 family are in need of prayer. Cheeseball’s BIL was added to the prayer.

Moleskin: YHC encouraged ruckers to pair up and get to know their partner. Not just get to know like we normally do, but in the midst of getting to know, think about ways that one might be able to serve their partner. YHC noted that there seemed to be a lot more conversation happening amongst the PAX, which was very encouraging. Wooly brought an FNG but failed to mention the idea of gloves. It is winter in Indiana and it is F3, but the EH and FNG’s attendance was greatly appreciated. Ruckers visited the worst roundabout “art” in Carmel for some baseball trivia. All received participation trophies of squats and merkins. YHC called for a switch in partners. Rucking continued to another location for some trivia and participation trophies. Another switch of partners and some more trivia. We learned that only a few people like Ohio State (Sorry Maize and Fantana) and even fewer like the Cubs. Wooley expressed his dislike for the greatest baseball team in existence. We finalized our ruck with a bear crawl to the finish. We called the runners to the COT.

Enjoy the most wonderful Holiday Season of the year!

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