11 PAX started the first day of Winter to a brisk, 36F morning workout. Jay-Z, Piper, Daisy, Wapner, Gasman, Stache, Boucher, CrabbyPo, CubbyBlue, Pew Pew, Bubblicious(QIC)

Maestro Lap
Leg Stretching OYO
Arm Stretches OYO
SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Grass Pickers x20 IC

*Grab your blocks. To the Happy Place!
**To Bob Sanders!

Musical DORA Christmas Classics
While P1 completes exercise, P2 runs ~100yards and back. Flap-Jack. Change movement whenever the song changes.

Buried Face
Mexican Jumping Bean Pull-Ups Jump Squats
Alternating Single leg squat to blocks
Grip, Rip, n Rolls (GRR)
Chain Saw Pulls
No surrenders
Sumo High Pulls

* Alphabets
* LBC’s IC
* Recover, recover

Mumblechatter in the cool, crisp morning air was shockingly quiet until Q moved the CoP location due to competing Christmas music. Only the quietest, most serene setting could allow PAX to appreciate the musical greatness of Ying Yang Twins’ “Ho Ho Ho Christmas” and Twisted Sister’s “Heavy Metal Christmas” among many others. See link below for full playlist.


CoT brought sobering reminders of the omnipresent chaos this world throws at us. Q was reminded of a lecture by Jordan Peterson explaining the importance of tending to your relationships and yourself in order to be a point of stability for those around us in challenging times. Around the 4:55 mark, Peterson hits on the concept Q was attempting to explain. Fair warning-this probably won’t make you all warm and fuzzy inside at first, but maybe there’s a useful tool or two in there that will pay dividends down the road. Good work this morning men! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jordan-peterson-archive/id1462681901?i=1000457026313

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