The Pit
35F with a slight breeze making it feel colder than it was.

Pax: Cornwallis, Groupie, Proximity (Welcome!), Dr. Porkchop, Pickles, Motorboat -QIC

Warmup: Slightly extended to avoid injury.
10 arm circles forwards and backwards
Start walking
10 overhead claps IC
Increase to a slow mosey
high knees
butt kickers
increase speed to mosey as we had behind the mall and across rural street
walk and open up the hips in large swings
mosey again
SSH IC x55
6 count tempo squats

Catch me if you can down and back the entire length of open lot (about .25 miles)
Switch partners rinse and repeat
mosey to first light pole, increase speed at each pole. down and back
New partners. partner 1 in push up position 3 spots ahead. when he starts to stand up, both partners sprint to the light pole. change position and repeat the entire length of the lot
Mosey down the lot
Wide Squat hold x60 seconds
Down and back the lot in less than 3 minutes
Down and back in less than 2.5 minutes
Down the lot in less than 1 minute
Mosey back to the start

“W” raise x 5
Knee slides x 45 seconds
Butterfly situps x 10
Corkscrews x 45 seconds
modified LBC (lift both shoulder blades straight up rather than curl) x 10 IC
Big Bois with a rotation at top x 10 IC

Recover Recover
Pray for our brother that are struggling with health and family health.

Moleskin: Welcome Proximity who joins us from Houston. He lives farther south and is hoping to start posting on a more regular basis. YHC looks forward to getting to know you better. Dr. P came in just before we started, however Pickles really wants the title of “coming in hot” and arrived about 45 second late. Apparently Pickles missed the EZ run heavy and decided to just head down to the Pit for a workout anyways! Always glad to have you around. Lots of interval work today with cardio had us all breathing pretty hard. Seems like the pit likes to focus on one body system per beatdown, haha! Bring a couple of bricks to the beatdown on Thursday. Always an honor to lead and glad to get to visit more AOs. Keep giving it away!


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