20 Pax at the Hill to help celebrate the first ever 300 posts for F3 Indianapolis.

Weather: 35 degrees – just enough wind to mess with the frisbee

Disclaimer: No responsibility happening here.

Core Principles: All men, free, peer led, outside, end in COT

SSH X 11
Weedpickers X10
Imperial Walker X10
Do more if you so desire

The Thang:
We played ultimate frisbee. When scored upon, teams were punished with 10 SSH. The scoring PAX and the assisting PAX were punished with 10 pullups at the stairs, which was modified to the stairs and the trees. (No trees were harmed during this event).

Woolley Dutchman had a last minute need to pass the Q torch to YHC. Thankfully, he passed along his creative idea for the punishments as well. It was a nice twist. We ran up and down the “field”. Some threw the disc, Cornwallis impressed us with a hammer throw. YHC determined that a visit to Youtube is not sufficient for a skilled disc throw. Tulip was a monster today that seemed to be in the right place and had Jerry Rice hands. (That is a HOF receiver for those of you young ones). Snaphook made an amazing diving catch (in my head) when the throw led him a little too far. Biscuit stood in a great wide-open spot all day. In fact, he might still be there. Yet, we seemed to never throw it to him. YHC had empathy due to my days in elementary kickball. I never understood why they told me to stand still to “intimidate” the other team. My teammates just kept passing me up in the line to kick. I feel you, Biscuit…I feel you. After 2.5 miles (Snooki went 2.76) YHC was exhausted. I hope you were too! Great work men!

COT – We celebrated Khaki and his 300th post. Are you serious? I will say it for all you RESPECT and near RESPECT (man I hope I used that right, I am afraid of Maize) men…if only we were 18 again! Or however young he is. Before my kids, surgery, accident, etc., I was JUST LIKE HIM. Proud of you, Khaki! You are one heck of a leader and an inspiration to many of us.

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