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Grass Pickers ICx15

Randys- – look it up


12 days of Christmas

6 tennis courts with each half court

representing a day of Christmas.

1-one crowd pleaser and a lunge on each leg
2-merkin jacks
3-three absolution
4-four plank jacks
5-five burpees
6-Mike Tyson
7-Jump squats
8-crab jacks
9-nine American Hammers
10-ten merkins
11-crunchy frogs
12-twelve air squats

Completed just like the song, day 1 then to day 2, followed by day 1 again, and so on

PAX completed through day 11 before running out of time.



Pew Pew broke the silence as we were all in shock by the lack of attendance when he said, “Looks like we are the dumb ones.” He followed this up with a joke that was outstanding. You can’t hear the joke because you should have been there! The morning started off with surprise #1 which was our lighted Christmas tree mascot. It made the trip to the tennis courts with us and followed us to coffeeteria. Lots of laughs and great conversations at coffeeteria. Gas Man made a stop at coffeeteria but was on duty and was quickly called out. Surprise #2 was read aloud to the group which was the F3 version of Twas the Night Before Christmas. During COT, discussion ensued regarding the difference F3 has made in our lives this past year. The sense of normalcy we all had by continuing our workouts kept us grounded and sain. We hope to do more EHing in the coming year. We also hope to see more than 5 on Saturday! Merry Christmas brothers.

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