Weather: 23. Chilly, Windy

Census of Pax: Nomad, Butterfly, Maize, Snaphook (Q). Disclaimer and Core’s blurted out.

Warmo- Seal Jacks, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers

Non short cut mosey to Veterans garage and up too many ramps.

Thang. Distance Partner AROD 3-2-1 (backwards DORA)

P1 exercises while P2 runs up the ramp and back to randomly selected fire extinguisher & switcho

300 Squats- 200 LBC’s- 100 Merkins

Mosey to the top deck, in the hopes we could see a star, or the pax at the other A.O’s. all we found was Gloomy weather.

Calf raises, toe in, out and std. on the way down the stairs.

Mosey north, then west to the Palladium. Bear Crawl through tunnel of lights, because that is what Clancy would want us to do..

Lotsa Mary: X’s and O’s, The 100, Low Dolly, Hallelujah flutters, Hallelujah freddy’s, WW2’s, & Snow Angels, 10 Burpees, LBC’s.

Moleskine: YHC’s semi-smart watch says we got in 3.5 miles. Our initial mosey was so lengthy that Nomad wondered if I had forgotten something at the office. The Census of the Pax didn’t take long, but plenty of counting was had during AROD. (Fun fact, running ramps while enjoying squats hits you while writing your moleskine). We explored and pondered about the limit possibilities for beatdowns in the garage, and we found a spot where someone really enjoys a lot of swisher sweet cigars. It was great to see another EZ pax visit- Thanks Butterfly. COT. Prayers for all our pax and appreciation for this time of year where we can reflect and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Prayers that Zamboni’s interviews/search goes well. Enjoy your time with family tomorrow!! see you all in the Gloom soon! Snaphook

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