Saturday 12/26/20  The Hill 


Q: Bedpan (F3 Crossroads IL)

AO: The Hill 

Conditions: Cold AF with some wind

Warm Up (rucks off)

Mosey around parking lot

Motivator from 7 

Abe Vigodas x 16 IC (3 count one leg) 

Arm Circles  x 10 

Tappy Taps x 16 

Thang 1 – Ruck up, Mosey to adjacent parking lot (4 corners, at least 2 rotations) 

  1. Lunge (one each leg) x 20 / Shoulder Raise x 20 
    1. Rifle Carry to next cone 
  1. Ruck Swing x 20 / Bent over row x 20 
    1. Bear crawl ruck to next cone 
  1. 3 count Squat x 20 / Curl x 20 
    1. Riffle Carry to next cone 
  1. Merkin x 20 / Mountain Climbers x 20 
    1. Bear crawl ruck to next cone 

Thang 2 – Ruck for remaining time (Khaki took us on perfect timed loop) 


Ruck Flutter Kicks x 20 

V-UP Sit up x 15 

LBC x 15 


F3 has played a very positive role on my life since joining in August of 2019. I was born and raised in Carmel till 7th grade. My dad got transferred for work to IL. Over time i lost touch with friends from Carmel. My family and I would return for holidays or other long weekends to see my parents and sister. As out going as my family is, they tend to keep things just the immediate family. After joining F3 and hearing about F3 Indianapolis brought a new found connection to Carmel. Not only can I enjoy time with my family, I can post with a new bunch of guys that I have something in common with. As this pandemic ends, i look forward to some 2nd F activities as it get warmer. My next goal is to post in Frankfort with Lincoln Log as we EH our family that lives there. When ever you travel, be sure to check the f3 nation website for AO locations.

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