19 degrees, partly cloudy for seven PAX: Stache, Gasman, Piper, Jay-Z, Wapner, Pew Pew, Daisy QIC

Warm-up with Ruck

  • Tempo Squats 15 IC
  • Finkle Swings 10 each leg
  • Angel wing (bat wing variation with arm a flaps at the end- 20IC
  • Stretch anything tight

Indian ruck run to the stairs

Thang: Journey to Egypt- in honor of Joseph Mary and Jesus going to Egypt to escape Herod. Ruck on your back to symbolize carrying the baby Jesus, the stairs symbolizing the different terrain between Bethlehem and Egypt. The die symbolize the unexpected obstacles that might have taken place along the way.

Alternate stair suicides and stair laps. In between each alternation roll one of the die and do the exercise on the die.

Yellow die exercises: 15 jump lunges, 30 mountain climbers, 15 jump squats, 30 sec side plank x2, 20 burpees, 15 jump tucks, 30 American hammers, 1 minute wall sit, 20 dips, 30 bicycle crunches, 20 merkins, and water break

Blue die exercise: 15 skaters, 30 sec plank x2, 15 squat with twist, 15 floor dips, 20 knee ups, 15 lateral lunges, 15 star jump burpees, 20 mountain climbers, 15 decline merkins, 15 Superman’s, 15 straight leg jackknifes, water break.


1 minute Amrap- American Hammers, plank jacks, flutter kicks, LBC, canke



The day after Xmas and 7 PAX showed up for a biblical honoring beat down with a ruck. Each part of the exercise remembering the journey of the holy family to Egypt to keep the Christ child safe from King Herod. The roll of the dice were rougher on some than others. Especially Stache that seemed to be the roller of the burpees. Discussion about what he had done to upset God to put harder obstacles in front of him than others. The rougher exercises did unfortunately bring a Merlot splash for him. Mary was tried to push the limits with amrap for 60 seconds to maybe simulate childbirth like pains…. not sure that succeeded. YHC forgot to remember the donkey kicks as part of the rotation, but not sure that would have been safe with the rucks on the back. So we are grateful for that omission. All in all, something different for the Saturday workout. One more week before the new year…. time for individual and group resolutions! How do we better ourselves in 2021???? See you all Monday!

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