6 pax reported to Grizzly for a block party. Zoolander, Spaceballs, Coyote, Jackie Moon, Cosmo, Kitty (q).

30 degrees, windy, wet from rains earlier this morning…adequate amount of suck to accompany today’s beatdown.

Disclaimer issued. 5 core principles.

Warm-up: weed pickers ICx15, arm circles ICx10 (ea direction), Abe vigodas ICx10, shoulder pretzels ICx15, SSH ICx20. Carry blocks to basketball court.

Thang 1 – block Death Star. Q identified 10 points of the star on perimeter of court. 5 block merkins in center to start and upon returning to center each time, 10 block squats at halfway out to each point of Star, 30 lbc’s (without block), 10 block squats at halfway in from each point of Star. Completed entire Star = 50 block merkins, 200 block squats, 300 lbc’s. Pax busted out in record time so jumped into another thang…

Thang 2 – 11’s. Assemble in grass just south of court and line up in line with sideline of basketball court. Perform alternating block merkins on starting end and Alpo’s on opposite end for cumulative sets of 11 (1 & 10, 2 & 9, etc.). Murder bunny to opposite end (until in line with opposite sideline of basketball court) and Zamp carry back.

Recover Recover!

Moleskin – pax pushed hard today and were able to get in 2 full thangs. Mary built into Thang #1. Not much mumble chatter today as pax were working hard, counting reps, remembering to breathe. Good encouragement, picking up the 6 (although pax all kept good pace today), and occasional Cosmo-ism sprinkled in for good measure. If pax haven’t started the 12 days of Christmas challenge, they are now caught up through first 3 days from today’s workout…you’re welcome. Convergence coming up this Friday at Grizzly 7-8a followed by coffeteria and blood drive. Prayers for the safe holiday travels and that we may carry the message of Christmas as we go forth. Always an honor to lead! Aye!

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