30 degrees with a slight breeze, cloudy skies, damp from the evening rain set e mood for 7 PAX; Crabby PO, Rite-Aid, Wapner, Boucher, Jay-Z, Bubblicious, Daisy- QIC


  • Shoulder pretzels 20IC
  • Sprinklers 15IC
  • Motivator from 7
  • Mountain climbers 20IC
  • Scorpion stretch each side

Indian run by aviary, up stairs, frolic through tunnel of lights, to happy place

Thang: Deck of Death- each suit is an exercise. The card you draw is the number of reps; 2-14(ace).

  • Clubs- box jumps
  • Hearts- Chuck Norris Merkins
  • Diamonds- dirty hook-ups
  • Spades- sumo squats

Mary: deck of death- core version

  • Hearts- American Hammers
  • Diamonds- LBC
  • Clubs- Crunchy Frogs
  • Spades- A-rods


Moleskin: Light numbers as we started another holiday week. A trip from Tennessee by Rite-Aid highlighted the workout. During sumo squats PAX took turns reminiscing about their favorite Rite-Aid Q nightmare. Leaving quite a legacy! The “Deck of Death” didn’t disappoint. Each PAX seemed to have their own exercise they dreaded. YHC get like we did way more box jumps than anything else- while others felt like Chuck Norris was ruining their morning. Even the dirty hook-ups became menacing. Sumo squats seemed to be the only welcomed exercise. One through the deck once- we started through Mary- and YHC did a dandy of a job shuffling. While we didn’t complete quite half the deck- we sure hit a lot of face cards of clubs and spades! Another interesting workout, trying to shake it up. This is one all you fartsackers can do on your own to catch up!!!! Wednesday should be much warmer! Hope to see more men out as we celebrate the end of 2020! Let’s send it out with a large group so we can show 2020 that you may have been rough- but we, the men of F3 are tougher!!!!

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