Pax: Tulip, Square, Cornwallis, Dr. Porkchop (Q)

Weather: 20s. Pretty cold, but no wind.

Warm up: SSH, Up and overs, Knee hugs/over, kick with a twist, Arm swings

The thang: stations (focusing on back) with mosey in between – 2 burpees EMOM during the mosey to spice things up

Station 1: Stair hops – 3 up, 1 back hop, then lunge walk down ramp

Mosey to rock pile

Station 2: Two small rocks – Bent over flies and single leg bend overs – 20, 10, 5 of each

Mosey to blocks

Station 3: Alpos, Pickle pointers – 15 IC

Mosey to pull up bars

Station 4: Pax does pull ups or rows, (5-10), Everyone else holds Superman

Backpedal on the blacktop

Repeat each station with about 1/2 reps so that we could finish


Bb sit ups x 20

American hammers x 30

Flutter kicks x 40 (10 IC)

Lbc x 50

Moleskin: Tulip came and Square is back! Love to see different faces at the Pit and to have one of our constants back. Beatdown was good – mumble chatter was quiet mostly but we did talk about 2020 providing unique christmases for some of us and Q got called out for running slow to get more burpees in. Always a pleasure✌🏼

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