Weather: 19 degrees, a little hazy, and no wind

PAX: Clancy, Cosmo, Snaphook, Logger

Disclaimer Given


The usual warmup: 25 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Windmills, 15 Seal Jacks, 10 Weed Pickers.

Mosey to the parking garage to find a good uphill slope. Then 2 rounds of a sprinters duel.

Mosey to the pool for the party. 20 Dirty Hookups, lunge walk/run backwards, 20 Hook Up Dirty’s, lungewalk/ run backwards, 20 incline mericans, Broad Jump Burpees, 20 Dips, Crabwalk/Bearcrawl.

Mosey to stairs for some Aussie style Pull Ups x 20

Mosey to the pit of dispair for some High jump burpees – no one knows how many we did, but it was enough.

Mosey to Mary – 20 LBC, leg ups, 20 Crunchy Frogs, 10 Freddy Mecurys.

Recover Recover


Cosmo and Logger were glad to be out of quarantine. Snaphook pulled the classic “Look over their” gag on the sprinters duel – it worked. During the pool party there was some discussion of a summer dip. Clancy was concerned about being caught – the trick is to not get caught. A bit icy in the pool, we all had to modify around the ice.

Burpees got some mubblechatter – it was deserved. The pool was bigger than I remembered it being. A great smaller group – perfect morning.

Announcements included the 1/1 Convergence, Monday interval running at the Vet.

Thanks Men!

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