Weather: 21deg, no wind, partly cloudy

Admin: Always free, open to all men, outdoors, peer led, ends in COT; Nobody is responsible for you except yourself, modify as needed

Warmup: 10x side straddle hop, 10x imperial walkers, 10x butt kickers all in cadence; mosey to stairs; walk up stairs, calf raise at each step, lunge back down zigzag ramp

Thang: Run heavy exploration of downtown Zionsville then loops OYO, 10x burpees in between

Mary: 10x LBC in cadence, 30s each of high, low, left side, right side planks, Xs and Os until…

Recover, Recover

Moleskin: Mosey tour of downtown Zionsville down the center of Main St on the bricks while watching for traffic (there was none at 5:45am). Zigzagged through village until Q was worried about getting disoriented and lost in the gloom and craftsman-style houses that all look the same. Mumblechatter was ample and likely loud enough to wake up a few village people still in their fartsacks. Circled back to Lions park for loops around park. Prayed for @brickyards uncle, Q’s mother, thankful for safe location to workout in gloom, protect police/first responders/docs all keeping us safe. Free time of Christmas break voided all excuses to build a shovel flag, so Q joined the small but elite group of men who carry a cinderblock AND a shovel in their car at all times.

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