December 30th, 2020 Good weather for December. (38 and Dry) 8 PAX reported for the last Grizzly beat down of 2020. Pappy, Jackie Moon, Cheeseball, Wrigley, Kitty, Bearcast, Zoolander, Coyote (Q)

*** WARM UP ***
Imperial walkers IC x20
Weed pickers IC x10  
Arm circles IC x20
Motivators from 6
*** THE THANG ***
Burpee Mile.  10 Burpees every 1/10 mile.  Al Gore until everyone is done with their Burpees.  Plus a treat at every 1/4 mile. 25 squats at .25, 25 big boys at .50, and both at .75.
Since time left over went to the BB court for some suicides. Bear crawl to FT line, 10 Bobby Hurleys, Crab walk back, 10 Bobby Hurleys. Repeat to half court, 3/4 court, and full court.

*** MARY ***
Low Dollies IC x20
Gas Pumps IC x19
Low Flutter IC x20
Q was worried that he was going to be thrown in the creek after the Burpee Mile was announced. There was a lot of chatter about places to hide the body at Grizzly. Last work out of the year at Grizzly.

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