13 Pax at the Hill today for one more match up of Ultimate frisbee.

Core principles and disclaimer were reviewed, quick warm up and teams split. Wind was strong but the pax were stronger. POTD (Pax of the day rewarded to Cornwallis for speed, quickness, but mostly that tenacious defense. Khaki was a very close second.

COT thought shared was that everything that happens should be thought of as forming us to be a better version of ourselves. Do not think of what 2020 “took” from you. What are you TAKING. from 2020? How are we all better from all that has and is happening?

Clubber, Kndergarden cop, khaki, Cornwallis, Liam(fng), Ponzi, Chirp Chirp, Dr. Pork chop, Callahan, Spaceballs Clancy, Snooki, Tulip

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