20F crisp

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Disclaimer and 5 core principles

Weedpickers x10IC
Windmills x10IC
Arm circles x10IC (each direction)

Grab weight and head to the rotunda.
Do the exercise for the set amount of time, try to reach the goal YHC set back in January
2 min merkins; Goal was 60
2 min big boi; Goal was 65
20 pull ups (skipped as it was too icy); modified to under the table body weight rows
Run around the circle
1 min clean and squat with 60-80# (goal was 15). did for 2 minutes with lower weights
1 min HR merkin (goal was 30)
1 min butterfly sit up (goal was 40)
Swedish mile around the rotunda (first man runs the lap and tries to catch the back, continue until all men have lapped the pack)
1 minute figure 8s
1 minute knee slides
1 minute clockwise sit ups
1 minute counter clockwise sit ups
Deep squat hold x 1 min

Recover Recover

Moleskin: Great way to end the year. Always fun to have to weights at a beatdown. Glad to have men that push me to do better. Other goals this year were a 5 mile run in 40 minutes and a 12 mile ruck with #40 in 3.5 hours. It has been a beautiful year from a workout standpoint. We have adapted and overcome multiple obstacles. We are growing. YHC is so excited for next year. Set some fitness goals and then crush them. Aye!

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