Pax: Maize, Snaphook, Khaki, Square, Nomad, Swayzee, FNG Mike, Cornwallis (Q)

Core Principles


Harry and Megan quit the Royal family- Harry Rockettes x 20
TP shortage- Mtn Man Pooper (toes, squat w/arms out, toes, clap) x 20
Sports cancelled- Apolo Onos x 10 IC; Bonnie Blair x 10 IC
Trump Impeached by house “You’re Fired” and Wildfires- Fire Drill around the circle  
Stocks crashed (recession) Motivator x 10 


Spell COVID C-30 squats; O- 25 Burpees; V- 3 min walk sit; I- 30 SSH; D- 15 Merkins 
Bernie Sanders- Quadrefilia up the paved Hill. Feel the Bern 
Biden/Harris- 20 Donkey Kicks 

Mosey to BBall court
Kobe Bryant- Shuffle and shoot on each basket, Bobbie Hurleys x20
Quarantine (OYO)/ WFH- 20 monkey humpers 
Chadwick Bozeman: Panther Crawl x 20
Alex Trebek trivia. (Correct: 10 Wrong:20) 

  • This is the country Alex was from (Canada)- Correct! 10 HR merkins 
  • This is the year his contract ends (2022) Wrong- 20 Squats 
  • This is something he did differently in the 18th season (Shaved his mustache) Correct! 10 Dips 

Murder Hornets – Killer Bees (bear crawl 100 yards, broad jump back, every 5 do 3 burpees. 
1 Minute of holding 2″ plank instead
Beirut Explosion/ Nashville Christmas bomb- Merkin Time Bombs 


George Floyd- 8 minutes 46 seconds  4 minute plank
Sean Connery- James Bond’s

Recover, Recover!

-Great turnout for this last workout of 2020! Thanks to everyone for coming. I hope you enjoyed reliving some of the events of the year and doing some different exercises.
-Nomad and Khaki really got into the Harry Rockettes. New career?
-Yet again we learned that we hate COVID in every sort of way. Our legs were smoked.
-YHC thought the workout had more arms, and it did, we just didn’t get to them and ran out of time, so it was very leg heavy.
-Great having an FNG Mike! Thanks Swayzee! Mike lives 1 mile from the Pit and said he will be back NEXT YEAR 🙂
– Have a great rest of your 2020! Be safe! Keep EHing! Keep giving it away!


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