New Years Eve, 12/31/2020, 3 PAX, The Vet, 24 degrees and calm

PAX: Clancy, Butterfly, Woolly Dutchman (Q)


Warmup: 25 SSH IC, 15 snow pickers IC

Thang: The tribute.

Mosey to the Monon tunnel.

10 merkins IC

10 wide arm merkins IC

incline merkins on steps, increasing reps by one on each step, starting with 1 up to the first landing (8 steps)

dips going down the steps, starting with 8 and decreasing reps by one each step down.

motivator from 8 IC

10 (1.5) squats IC

20 mountain climbers IC

Mosey back to the flags, around the reflection pond, to the south west corner of reflection pond

20 “knee up + the dolly” (mixed a gas pump with a low dolly, dubbed the “Woolly Dolly”) IC

20 flutter kicks IC


mosey to west end of the center green

crab walk under the lighted trees from west end of center green to the center plaza

mosey to the south entrance of the Palladium

Monkey Shockers (ish): 15 SSH, 10 merkins, 5 (1.5) squats ) OYO x3 sets

mosey north on monon to the colorful light tunnel

25 imperial walkers

mosey south back to Monon tunnel

20 burpees OYO, high plank when finished

mosey to south entrance of Palladium

20 “Woolly Dolly”? IC


mosey to flags, recover recover

This on-the-fly tribute to the original F3 workout made it tough to write this BB, trying to remember what YHC made up as we went along. PAX were relieved when ordered to put blocks back in their vehicles and informed that we were not going to attempt the respect workout, counting down from 50. Merry Christmas. YHC was surprised to still hear mumblechatter from Clancy about the motivator from 8, even after receiving his gift of a less intense workout, noted. In the New Years Eve spirit, we attempted to count all (in cadence) exercises down instead of up. PAX managed to get this correct about halfway through the workout. Tossed in a tribute to Cornwallis’ beatdown a couple of weeks ago with incline merkins up the steps (not nearly as tough as his was). It was a beautiful morning for a mosey through the lights.

COT: Convergence at Grizzly tomorrow, still a spot or two left for blood drive. Interval runs starting next Monday at the Vet. Shout out to Tulip’s commentary yesterday about reflecting on what we can take away from this year to carry into next year and beyond. Discussed focusing on the good of 2020 and what we learned, and starting a new year with positivity. Reflection on our blessings and how this year has shifted priorities. Reflection on the American flags and how blessed we are to live in freedom. My personal thought on if all my worldly blessings, including family and freedom were taken away from me tomorrow, would I still have the outlook of contentment, joy, and faith in Jesus? My goal is yes. (forgot name-o-rama and picture, wow)

Prayers of thankfulness for the brotherhood, fellowship, and leadership of everyone in F3 Indianapolis, and the daily encouragement and accountability to be a better man. Praise for another year of personal and spiritual growth, and continued growth and understanding of how we can help each other and the people in our community. Bless our efforts that we already have lined up for next year, and open our eyes to the great things we can do for people, while working together in Your Name.

Thank you all for giving me something this year that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten much of. A great reminder to keep giving it away! -Woolly Dutchman

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