34 pax reported to Grizzly at 0700 for the 1st quarter convergence. 30 degrees, icy, freezing rain…the kind of gloomy conditions that separate the boys from the men. Disclaimer issued. 5 Core Principles – Free, Open to ALL Men, Outside rain (freezing rain, sleet, whatever) or shine, Peer Led, Ends in Circle of Trust.

Pappy (q3), Motorboat, Coyote (q2), Ace, Cornwallis, Logger, Bumblebee, Khaki, Clancy, State, Maize, Cosmo (q6), Quick, Woolly Dutchman, McStuffins, Fantana, Spud, Optimus, Brian (FNG), Pontoon 19, Bubble Bath, Sarge, Wrigley (q4), Jared (FNG), Swayzee, Springbok, Zoolander (q5), Plumb Bob (Downrange F3 Louisville), Tulip, Nomad, Beefsteak, Spaceballs, Cheeseball, kitty (q1).

Warm-o-Rama: 21’s (in honor of 21 FNGs this year at Grizzly), punishment for not ending in unison – Al Gore, shift left holding Al Gore, halt and perform OH Claps ICx10, shift right holding Al Gore, halt and perform arm circles ICx10 each direction, windmills ICx10, weed pickers ICx10, motivator from 10 (in honor of 10 year anniversary of F3). Pass q to Coyote.

Mosey to old Marsh lot and assemble under overhang of storefronts. Sets of 3 exercises OYO – 21 of each (to kick off 2021): merkins, squats, big boi’s. Reduce by 5 reps, rinse and repeat – 16 reps, 11 reps, 6 reps of each. Pass q to Pappy.

Split into 5 groups of 7 pax. Perform Indian Run around parking lot. Pax at rear stops and performs 5 burpees, catches group and takes lead, continues until all pax in group have performed burpees. Rinse and repeat for 2 full rounds and end run back at Grizzly at shelter. Pass q to Wrigley.

Some chatter from q about Cardinals…largely ignored by Pax. Split into 3ish? groups to mosey around park path. At each tree stop and perform 2 merkins (q figures there were 56 trees for 112 merkins…not sure but it was a lot of merkins). End at basketball court. Pass q to Zoolander.

Mosey to playground. Bear crawl under namesake Grizzly Bear. Mosey back to basketball court. Q graciously modified for time due to previous q being a “Diva”. Pass q to Cosmo.

Gumby in grass area. Some confusion about left vs right and leg vs arm, but always a good way to wind down a workout with stretching and breathing. Pass q back to kitty.

Return to basketball court to end with Mary. 1 min low plank hold. American Hammers ICx22 (in honor of 22 guys that stepped up to q at Grizzly in 2020). Recover Recover!

COT – Announcements (YHC may have missed some): Khaki commented on great job pax did in Dec with q sign ups – keep momentum up going into ‘21 (join q schedule channel if you have not already #peer led). Maize noted the upcoming 3rd F opportunities (see 3rd F channel for more details), Wrigley reminded group that 2nd F meetups resuming this month – pairups coming soon (see 2nd F channel). Nantan Motorboat shared some inspiring stats (courtesy Nomad) about individual accomplishments and growth that F3 Indy experienced this past year (see post on Slack 1st F channel today). 5 new AO’s this year!!! Nantan gave T-claps to shared leadership team – Khaki (Comz Q), Logger (1st F q), Wrigley (2nd F q), Maize (3rd F q), Nomad (weasel shaker), and to Cornwallis’ leadership (previous Nantan). 1st F q handed off from Logger to kitty. Grizzly site q handed off from kitty to Coyote. Pappy led the pax in closing prayer. Head to Ohana for coffeteria and blood drive.

Moleskin – Happy New Year! We made it through 2020 – tested mentally, physically, spiritually but stronger for it. F3 was made for a year like 2020. The weather today had YHC concerned that he’d be out for a solo beatdown. Should have never had a doubt as 34 pax beat the fartsack and braved the conditions to converge upon AO Grizzly. 2 FNG’s today – welcome Brian & Jared! Also welcomed a down range pax from F3 Louisville – Plumb Bob! T-claps to the other 5 pax that shared the q today – a nod to the 6 Indy AOs (not including our bothers up at Black Cat, of course) and the 6 pax that shared the q at the inaugural Grizzly beatdown on 1/1/20. Since then Grizzly has had 76 different pax post here over the course of 133 workouts for a total of 860 posts! Today was a great example of all 3 F’s in action. Nantan challenged pax to continue to grow other 2 F’s this year and engage in Shield Locks. Can’t wait to see the growth of F3 Indy in 2021. Keep EH’ing and keep giving it away! It’s an honor to be in the company of the H.I.M. of F3 Indy. Let’s get after it, men! Aye!

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