Weather low 30s, fresh air!

Coupon comparisons included an ammo box which belonged to Cornwallis’ grandfather, Maizes 45 pound on, several rocks, Cindy’s, and a ruck sack full of golf balls.

Welcome Sparky, first Saturday the year and we are already growing in numbers. Kudos to Cheese ball for EHing

Warm up with ruck sacks on- kid n play lunges, booyah merkins, and Lt. Dan squat/lunges. Coupons were shared with the partner along the ruck. Pit stops had us testing our plank and Zamp holds. Kicker finish was a parking lot pick up, drop off race with the coupons. Q forgot to finish with Nolan Ryan’s but will note to add next time. Highlight was a reminder to always pick up the 6. I highly encourage everyone to be mindful of this. It is needed and very much appreciated. If you’ve ever been in the back you know the feeling. Great job men! Apologise for the issue with adding the video.

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